D.I.D’s 520ERV7 is the chosen chain of MotoGP, Superbike, and road racing teams alike.

Upgraded from the 520ERV3, the 520ERV7 boasts a 3% higher tensile strength, a 13% longer chain life and less friction due to X-Ring improvements.

Flagship model for street bikes and enduro riding

Bob's Opinion on these.

" I have used the ERV chains for years now and have yet to find a stronger race chain which is why so many top race Teams use them. To give you an idea over a 4 day trip to Spain in a UK race weekend  wont have to adjust my chain once ! and that's a bike that's go 212 BHP at the rear wheel.  The Erv-7 is the latest version in the range and in my opinion the best yet. "

DID 520ERV7 Racing chain 120L

DID 520ERV7 Racing chain 120L

D.I.D's 520ERV7 is the chosen chain of road racing teams in MotoGP, WSBK, MotoAmerica and BSBUpgrade...

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